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About Us

Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sprott Inc., a public natural resources investment management firm listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (Symbol SII). We offer investments for all individuals who are interested in precious metals,  mining, oil and gas, alternative energy, forestry, agriculture, and/or water industries. The combination of Global Resource Investments with Sprott Inc. in 2011 produced a powerful alliance for natural resource investors.

Sprott, Inc. employs more than 130 professionals and manage in excess of $8 Billion in resource investments. We believe that we are the largest investment house in the world that is focused on small capitalization natural resource stocks. The merged entity offers access to investment opportunities in all resource sectors across the globe.

Sprott Global, headquarted in Carlsbad, California, employs financial advisers with decades of experience in the industry.  In fact, many of our financial advisors worked in various natural resource industries before they began their financial services career, thus making their advice  more valuable than the advice you might receive from a generalist stock broker at a mainstream brokerage firm or an order-taking clerk at a discount brokerage. This experience, along with our dedication to both visiting project sites and evaluating company finances, allows us to provide thorough analysis on the prospects of natural resource companies. Our sole focus is helping investors and speculators like you make profits, so we do not waste any of our time on sectors outside of our area of expertise.


Website Features

Testimonials:  Many investment newsletters, several costing thousands of dollars per year, recommend our services to their paid subscribers. You can see many of their testimonials here

Natural Resource Investing Tutorials:  Our numerous articles, interviews and educational materials under the “Natural Resource Investing” tab on the main page can be valuable tools for natural resource-oriented investors and speculators.  The “Site Visits” tab displays collections of photos from our geologists’ and advisers’ trips to evaluate companies’ projects on the ground.  The “Investment University” tab connects to educational videos on the geology, exploration processes, production phases, and site evaluation techniques for various types of resource projects.

Our Team:  Meet our brokers; their biographies are here on the website. Review these biographies and contact, by phone or email, those team members whose expertise you think is best suited to your needs. Feel free to contact several of us to determine whom you might like to work. Test us, ask us questions about companies in your portfolio or companies you are considering purchasing. We look forward to helping you. Our founder, Rick Rule, will personally analyze your natural resource investment portfolio, with absolutely no obligation on your part.

Market Insights:  We provide an aggregation of insightful releases on the markets from our leading resource investors Rick Rule, Eric Sprott and John Embry. As well-known interview contributors to several media outlets, they will oftentimes be asked to analyze market conditions. We publish this information on our website so that you can stay up-to-date with their comments and insights.

Investment Information:  Click here to read about the options we provide to investors
interested in taking advantage of our investment capabilities within the small capitalization resource markets.  Our account types include Corporate, Individual, Joint, Retirement, Trust, and Managed Accounts.


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Investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, time horizon and liquidity needs before making an investment. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.


The page you are about to view is affiliated with Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd. but is not a regulated entity and not part of FINRA.

Investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, time horizon and liquidity needs before making an investment. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Securities discussed may not be a suitable investment for your portfolio.”